Tai Chi is like surfing a wave but you can do it in your front room, and you don’t need a wetsuit in the winter! The gentle movements are easy to learn but take years to master. Tai Chi has ancient philosophical roots and the movements themselves are based on martial applications which were passed down secretly from one family generation to another. I discovered Tai Chi in Thailand in 2002 since then I have practised different styles and alongside this I have studied capoeira, yoga and kick boxing.


My classes are friendly and allow each person to practise and learn at their own rate. I provide a well-structured class and everyone is welcome to come along. Please email or phone for further details and check the class timetable for class information.


In 2003 I completed a 60 hour course in Yang Style Tai Chi with Keith Goode in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In 2006 I started practicing Wudang Style with Adam Chell in Falmouth, Cornwall. I still train with Adam and his group ‘Tai Chi Kernow.’ Dan Docherty is the head of Wudang Tai Chi Chuan and is the Chairman for the Taijiquan & Qigong Federation for Europe. Dan has organised the British Open Tai Chi Championships since 1989 and regularly contributes to martial arts publications.

In 2008 I began practising White Crane Tai Chi Chuan in Brighton with Russell Suthern. In 2009 I began training in Yang style with Joe Salmon who is a Director of Tai Chi Nation I qualified to teach tai chi, qigong and qi theory in 2012 with Tai Chi Nation.

In 2012 I began training with John Fowler and the Zhong Ding Association. I still regularly attend John’s classes. John has many dedicated students and primarily teaches the Cheng Man Ching form, weapons forms, Bagua and San Shou.
In the 1980s John began his training with Nigel Sutton. Nigel has studied, researched and taught in Europe, China and Southeast Asia and is the author of a number of books. He grew up in England and now teaches in Malaysia. Nigel originally set up the Zhong Ding Association. I studied with Nigel in 2013 on the Island of Penang in Malaysia and I continue to practise with him when he visits England. It is difficult to search the words tai chi without stumbling across either Nigel Sutton or Dan Docherty’s names.


phone 07554 426450

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