Tai Chi Momentum is based in Devon, Sam Forder is a qualified Tai Chi instructor and has been practising since 2002.

Tai Chi is an exercise based on Chinese medicine, philosophy and meditation. The principles may be applied to everyday situations and are practised by people from all ages and fitness levels. It is often described as movement in meditation.

You can see a video of us practising tai chi here:

Classes are taught in a way which allows you to advance at your own pace. Our Tai Chi classes are held across East Devon including Exmouth, Budleigh Salterton and Topsham. Details can be found here. A typical class will involve a variety of warm up exercises, Qigong’s (combining breath with movement) and the Tai Chi, ‘Cheng Man Ching Form.’


There are numerous benefits that practising Tai Chi brings. In brief it helps to strengthen the immune system whilst keeping the body mobile, it also puts a large emphasis on improving the bodies energy system and through practising Tai Chi, people often find that they have more energy.

Hope to see you in the class,

Sam Forder

phone 07554 426450

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